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Maple Leash Customer Testimonials and Reviews

We would just like to say thank you to all of our wonderful customers for all the great reviews we have been getting! Make sure to check out our Facebook customer gallery, CLICK HERE

Here are some of our happy customers and what they purchased for their dogs from Maple Leash.

Sue from Edmonton, Alberta.
Purchased: Moosey Hoodie & Super Soft Plaid Coat.
"These sweaters are super cute on my little Teddy! Thanks for the fast shipping!"

Craig from Edmonton, Alberta.
Purchased: Personalized Dog Collar.
"All my friends keep asking, where did you get that blinged out collar. Love it and fits perfect"

Tim from Kitchener, Ontario.
Purchased: Dog Tuxedo and Toronto NHL Dog Jersey
"Tux fit perfect, thanks for the quick exchange to the XL Jersey... just in time for hockey season"

Cherrie from Vancouver, BC.
Purchased: Crossbone Hoodie, Monkey Sweater, Hawaiian Dog Shirt and Pawz Dog Boots.
"Took my boy some time getting used to the Pawz shoes, you were absolutely right on the size. Thanks for the help! I can't wait for him to wear the Hawaiian dog shirt in the spring :) "

Lindsay from Montreal, QC.
Purchased: Pet Flys Monkey Carrier and Monkey Sweater.
"HAHA my little Monkey is now officially a Monkey! These are perfect for him! Will be back for some booties, thank you very much, made it in time for our trip"

Angel from Hamilton, Ontario.
Purchased: Chaise Lounge Dog bed, Leopard Dog Carrier and the Rose Dog Dress.
"I didn't need such an extravagant dog bed but my princess deserved it and couldn't pass on this deal! Bed is amazing, so sexy! Do these come in human size? LOL"

Kim from Iqaluit, Nunavut.
Purchased: Camo Dog Snowsuit and Movere Dog Boots.
"It is very hard to find snowsuits for bigger dogs but Gracie fit this one great and can now come with mommy for rides."

Katie from Calgary, Alberta.
Purchased: Little Bunny Hoodie, Pompom Puppy Coat, Park Avenue Coat, Pink Camo Eskimo Vest, and Extreme Vest Hot pink.
"Thank you for your sizing recommendations. Gucci usually has trouble with her big chest but these all fit great and looked amazing on her, I will be sure to send pictures... Off to hide these coats from Daddy now ;) "

Pat from Saskatoon, SK.
Purchased: Venturer Dog Coat and Skull Doggles.
"Jerry looks bad @ss in this coat and goggles, too cool, you guys rock!"

Karen from Swan River, MB.
Purchased: Dog Wedding Dress, Fabuleash Pearl, and Winter Garden Collar Set.
"Here are some pics of our wedding, I must say I am not happy that my little girls $25 dress got more attention than mine! HAHA. She stole the show, I am sure there will be more customers coming to your site as my dog was the highlight of our wedding!"

Catherine from Ottawa, ON.
Purchased: Doggles - Black Metallic
I recently bought "Doggles" from you for my LhasaApso who is a feisty fellow and has injured his eyes too often. In fact he nearly lost one last year. After 6 months of ointment 6 times a day he was in the clear - then had a run-in with a Golden and came home with a bloody eye! He willingly wears the doggles and is soooo cute with them on. Very cool


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