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Keep Your Dog Warm with a Hoodie or Sweater

Can you believe that winter is here?  Okay, with those plunging temperatures outside, maybe you can.  And you can be sure that when you go out on your daily walks with your dog, your furry companion has noticed too.  Dogs, like humans, get cold outside during the winter, especially breeds with shorter fur.  You can help your dog stay warm this winter season with warm dog clothes.

Dog sweaters and hoodies are warm and comfortable, made out of stretchy material which gives your dog plenty of freedom of movement.  They’re great for indoor or outdoor use.  Keep in mind that while they can lock in heat and keep out the cold, they are not waterproof (though our dog snowsuits and rain coats are).  We have a wide selection of hoodies and sweaters in different styles.  

·    Our Little Snow Pullover is perfect for the holidays.  This cute little dog sweater is knitted with snowflakes and stripes.  Long sleeves provide plenty of warmth, and a button at the collar makes it easier to take on and off.

·    The Baby Bear Hoodie is a similar sweater with a snowflake pattern, cute pink trim, and a pink baby bear appliqué.  This hoodie is made out of soft, warm cotton.

·    For an extra warm dog coat, consider the super soft plaid coat.  This coat comes with a detachable hood, and faux fur trim for extra warmth.  Anti tangle mesh lining keeps your dog’s fur from getting ruffled.  Soft and cozy, this one is ideal for extra cold winter days!

·    The tan plaid sweater has a stylish retro pattern, and is handmade out of wool.  This dog sweater is one of the most comfortable you will ever find, made entirely out of natural fibers.

·    Reindeer hoodie.  This is an adorable choice for a Christmas party.  The hoodie is made out of warm, comfortable brown polyester, and includes a faux fur-trimmed hood with cute little cloth antlers and a red nose on top.  Because the antlers are made of cloth, they are lightweight and comfortable.  The back of the shirt includes the lettering, “Santa’s Other Reindeer.”  Even with the hood down, this Christmas dog hoodie makes an adorable festive statement.

·    Moosey dog hoodie.  Similar to the reindeer hoodie above, this holiday-themed hoodie is handmade out of knit wool and features adorable patterns framing a cute moose on the back—very Canadian!  Cloth antlers attached to the hood complete the look.

If this is your first time purchasing a hoodie or sweater for your dog, be sure to check the sweater sizing chart included with each of our items.  The best way to size a sweater for a dog is by measuring your dog’s chest.  Even if you need a sweater or coat for a large dog, you’ll be able to find one that fits with our XL-XXXL sizes.  

Quick Tips for Sweaters for Dogs:

·    When you buy a new sweater or hoodie for your dog, remember that your dog only perceives it as an unfamiliar object at first (even if you think it’s adorable).  Introduce the sweater gradually to your dog and use positive reinforcement until your pooch learns to associate the sweater with positive emotions.

·    It can take a couple of weeks to train your dog to wear a sweater or hoodie.  Not all dogs will take to wearing dog clothing, so don’t force it if yours doesn’t.

·    Hoods on hoodies should be worn only briefly, and should never occlude your dog’s vision or breathing.  

·    Make sure that the sweater you buy fits comfortably across the chest and neck.  If your pet has fluffy fur, you may need a slightly larger size so that there is ample room and your pet doesn’t feel restricted.

While many people associate clothing for dogs with fashion only, these garments are also very useful.  Sized and worn properly, a dog sweater or hoodie can keep your pooch warm during the cold winter months, and can increase his comfort level when you head out for walks.  Our sweaters for dogs are made with coziness and safety in mind, and are adorable to boot!


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