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Protect Your Dog from the Elements with a Dog Snowsuit

Winter in Canada means it’s time for fun outdoors.  If you enjoying sledding and other fun activities in the snow and don’t want to leave your pooch at home, it’s a great idea to buy him a dog snowsuit.  Snowsuits for dogs are protective garments which include micro-fleece lining.  These coats keep out the cold, and are also windproof and waterproof.  Your dog stays warm and dry inside the snowsuit, and you and your pooch can have even more fun outside. 

We have a wide selection of waterproof snowsuits for dogs.  Here are just a few of our bestselling dog coats which are perfect for winter:

·    Pink camo dog snowsuit.  This snowsuit is windproof and waterproof, and comes with a detachable hood with buttons.  The collar can easily be rolled up or down, and can accommodate a leash as well.  If needed, you can tighten a drawstring to keep snow and rain from getting in, and can loosen it for comfort the rest of the time.  Long sleeves keep your dog’s legs warm, and the snowsuit is open at the back allowing the tail unrestricted movement.  Black nylon cuffs at the ends of the sleeves make this snowsuit even warmer and comfier.  The cute pink camo pattern makes a feminine statement.

·    Camo dog snowsuit.  This snowsuit is similar to the pink version, but in more traditional drab military greens and greys.  The cut is the same, with long sleeves and black nylon cuffs, a detachable hood, and a drawstring which provides the perfect snow-proof fit. 

·    Reflective snowsuit.  This adorable snowsuit for dogs is waterproof and windproof, and contains micro-fleece lining, like the camo dog snowsuits.  This snowsuit is black with reflective piping, perfect if you’re going out on walks with your dog in the evenings (it sure does get dark fast in the winter time).  Long sleeves with black nylon cuffs keep your dog’s legs warm, and the hood comes with an adjustable drawstring and space for a leash.  This is a great choice for both warmth and visibility.

·    Bawa overalls.  These overalls are made of a stretchy, flexible fabric which fits comfortably and allows plenty of freedom of movement.  The material is breathable, but warm and snow resistant.  Long sleeves keep the legs warm, and the bungee cord at the bag, legs and stomach help create a perfect fit.

·    Fleece dog overalls.  These warm winter dog coats were designed in Iceland, so they’re ideal for frigid Canadian winters.  The coat, which is black with red highlights, includes a hood attached with snap buttons and a collar with a hole for a leash.  A drawstring makes it easy to tighten or loosen the hood to keep out snow. 

·    NIX overalls.  These flexible, snow-resistant overalls include an adorable plaid pattern.  Elasticity at the stomach and back legs makes it easy for your dog to move around comfortably in the overalls, even though they cover most of the body and fit snugly.  The close fit helps to provide extra warmth.  These overalls are also available in black and pink.

Another good option for keeping your pet dry is a dog rain coat.  Our dog rain suits are made of light weight material, and may be more acceptable to some dogs that do not like heavier garments.  This is also a good choice if you live in a part of Canada which does not see as much snow or cold, but want something nice for your pooch which will keep her dry. 

If this is the first time you have purchased a coat for your dog, do not expect your pet to be instantly thrilled about wearing it.  Many dogs enjoy wearing their coats, especially since these are some of the more practical dog clothing articles you can buy.  Dogs, like humans, like to stay warm and dry.  But it takes some time for any dog to get used to a new object, especially one which he is going to wear.  Take your time and introduce the dog coat slowly.  For detailed instructions, please see our blog entry on how to train your dog to wear a coat.  And before you buy any dog coat or rain jacket, make sure to check the sizing chart for the right fit!


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