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Spring Line of Dog Clothes

Dog Hoodie
Right now, the weather is still cold and snowy for a lot of our customers.  But spring is coming up fast, and soon you won’t have to bundle up your dog in dog snow boots and a winter coat to go out on your daily walks.  The weather does take a while to warm up throughout our Canadian provinces though, so it’s still a good idea to give your dog a little extra warmth with a dog sweater, hoodie, or another lighter garment.  Here are some of the popular items in our spring line of dog clothes:

Dog Hoodies

We have a wide range of dog hoodies that are perfect for those rainy, cool days of spring before we hit the warmer days of summer.  These hoodies have optional, detachable hoods which you can remove if you wish to.  The hoods do not occlude your dog’s line of sight, making them safe and comfortable.  The bodies of the hoodies keep your dog’s torso warm while leaving the legs and tail free and unrestricted. 

Some of our popular hoodies include the Lil’ Monster Hoodie, which has a cute design with eyes and teeth on the hood, and the Camo Dog Hoodie, which blends in with the foliage on the trees (not the best choice if your dog is prone to pulling the leash out of your hands—but a very cute choice in general).  The Stitched Hoodie is a great choice for any dog, with light pink fabric and darker, contrasting pink trim.  The Moo Dog Hoodie has cute black and brown spots, and is designed to resemble a cow.  The fabric is extremely soft and comfortable.

A couple more cute hoodies that are perfect for springtime include the Parrot Green and Raspberry hoodies.  These two hoodies share the same design with bold stripes.  The only difference is the color.  The Parrot Green one is a light, lime green, and the Raspberry one is pink. 

Dog Sweaters

Sweaters for dogs are just as popular as hoodies for dogs.  Coats have the advantage of keeping out moisture, which makes them better for days with precipitation and outdoor wear in general.  But on drier days, or days when it is chilly indoors, dog sweaters are a great choice for your pooch.  We have a number of adorable dog sweaters in our current line. 

The Boyfriend Sweater is among our most popular choices.  This cute sweater keeps your dog warm and cozy.  Dog sweaters like this one are a bit more minimal than dog hoodies tend to be.  Because of that, dogs that do not like jackets and hoodies may be more comfortable wearing a sweater like this one.


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