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Wedding apparel for dogs.

dog wedding dress

There are a lot of different reasons you might want to purchase wedding apparel for your furry canine friend. Maybe you are tying the knot yourself, and want your pooch to stand up for your wedding in the cutest dog formal wear. Or perhaps you’ve trained your dog to bring you the ring. A cute dress or bow tie for your dog can help to celebrate the role your dog is playing in the ceremony for your special day. Or maybe you are organizing a doggie wedding.

Planning a Dog Wedding

A dog wedding may sound like a strange idea if you’ve never heard of it before, but it is becoming a hugely popular trend. Why marry two dogs? Sometimes the owners of breeding dogs will do this for fun and to celebrate their dogs’ union. Other times pet owners do it simply for fun with non breeding dogs. It’s an opportunity to socialize and have fun, and who doesn’t look for an excuse to throw a fun party? Recently, a widely publicized dog wedding between Baby Hope Diamond and Chilly Pasternak was held by Wendy Diamond as a charity event, which raised $270,000 for the Humane Society of New York.

Dog weddings can be fun, casual events, or they can be formal occasions. It all depends on the significance of the occasion. If it’s your own wedding and your dogs are simply attending, then you can select apparel for your dogs based on the formality of your own occasion. Whether your dog wedding is formal or casual, you can send out dog wedding invitations. You’ll also need to find someone who is willing to marry your dogs. Make sure you invite people whose dogs get along with your own (you would hate for someone else’s dog to spoil the fun). Let others know in the invites whether the occasion is considered formal or casual, and what they should wear.

Dog Wedding Apparel

There is a huge range of wedding apparel accessories for dogs. For canine grooms, you can find adorable little dog tuxedo vests, and for canine brides, beautiful little white wedding dresses with matching veils. Bow ties, jewelry, and other dog wedding accessories can make the whole ensemble. Flower girl dresses for dogs and bridesmaid dresses for dogs let your pooches partake in your ceremony with style. There are also many other beautiful formal dresses for dogs, ties, and collars. These are great for dogs which are attending another canine wedding or which will be present in the audience for your own wedding. Canine wedding accessories are great for dogs which can’t be coaxed into wearing a dog wedding dress or other dog wedding outfits.

There is a practical purpose to dressing up your dog for your wedding as well; most churches will not allow dogs inside, so weddings for or with dogs are typically held outdoors. If the weather is cool, dog clothes can help to keep your canines warm. Some advance planning is helpful here, since you won’t want to purchase warm clothing for your dogs if the wedding will take place on a day which is already warm; dog wedding accessories can be a better choice for a wedding on a hot day.

When you prepare for a dog wedding, make sure you also purchase a dog wedding cake, and some toys as rewards to your dogs for being so well behaved through the ceremony! They will have plenty of energy to burn off after it’s over. Shopping for dog wedding clothes and dogs online can help you save money. Look for high-quality products and a reasonable rate of shipping, and enjoy the huge selection which you can find on the internet. These are specialty items, and you won’t typically find them at your local pet store, and if you do, you won’t find nearly as many choices as you can online.

Dog wedding attire can make your special day even more special, or help you set up a fun ceremony and celebration for your dogs, friends, and family members. Photographs of dogs in their wedding attire can make precious keepsakes which you will love to look at for years to come, so make sure to set up an appointment with a dog wedding photographer!


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