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What to Buy for the Dog That Chews

Do you have a dog breed like Golden Retriever that loves to chew everything?  If so, you will need to put some extra thought (and expense) into making sure that your dog has everything he needs to stay entertained without destroying everything you have bought for him.  It is pretty frustrating to spend $100 on a dog bed only to find you have to replace it a few months later, and nothing is more annoying than coming home to find your couch cushions in tatters.


With dogs that chew, you have two primary considerations:


  • You need indestructible dog supplies that are sturdy enough to stand up to abuse.
  • You need to make sure your dog is entertained. 


A lot of dogs chew because they are bored or lonely.  If that is the case with your pet, alleviating that boredom or loneliness may be the key to stopping the chewing, along with a bit of retraining.  In fact, some dogs can be trained out of their excessive chewing behavior and then can enjoy regular dog products.  This is one of the reasons that dog toys are so important.  Dogs need something to keep them amused, and dog toys also can provide a sense of companionship.  This helps you tackle both boredom and loneliness.  Of course, there is no substitute for spending quality time with your pet yourself whenever you can. 


When it comes to purchasing indestructible dog supplies, it is important to know that dog supplies are never really indestructible.  A determined dog can destroy any product given enough time.  Your goal is to pick products which will make this as difficult as possible and offer you the longest life before you need to get them replaced.  There are all kinds of chew-resistant dog supplies out there, including:


  • Chew proof dog bed
  • Chew proof dog crate
  • Chew proof dog harness and leash
  • Chew proof dog collar
  • Chew proof dog toys
  • Chew proof dog bowl


With each of these products, you want to pay attention to the following features:


  • Materials.  Look for tear-proof materials for the products you buy.  A lot of chew-resistant dog beds for example are made out of ballistics fabric.  This is the same type of fabric which is used in military flak jackets.  As such, it is super tough.  Chew proof dog toys are typically made out of hard rubber or lamb’s wool. 


  • Design.  Design features can also protect dog supplies from destruction.  With dog beds, for example, zippers are usually replaced with strong, hidden Velcro closures.  No design is foolproof, and there is always a way around these tricks, but it can take a while for even a determined dog to figure it out.


  • Warranty.  Larger, more expensive products like chew-resistant dog crates tend to come up with warranties.  If you can, look for a warranty that will give you at least a couple of years of protection on your purchase.  Again, these products are not really indestructible, and a warranty will help you save money if your dog tears through the crate quickly.


Buying products like these is a must if you have a breed which is just naturally prone to chewing.  Even with good training, these dogs will chew more than many of their less destructive counterparts, and otherwise, you will be fighting an uphill battle. 


Just remember that if you are dealing with a destructive dog with behavioral problems or psychological (or medical) issues, it is vital that you resolve those problems.  It isn’t enough to simply go out and buy a lot of chew-resistant products.  When chewing is a sign of distress, the cause of the distress needs to be ascertained and tackled directly.  Otherwise, excessive chewing will be the least of your problems. 


Take your dog to the vet or pet psychologist if you need to, and take active steps to ensure your pet is healthy and living a comfortable, happy life.  Spend lots of time with your dog and make sure he has plenty of toys to keep him company and entertain him when you are busy, and he will be far less likely to chew everything in sight.


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