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Include Your Pet In Your Wedding

How to Include a Beloved Pet in a Wedding Ceremony:

If you’re planning a wedding, you may dream of dressing your loyal, sweet pooch in a dog tuxedo and then including him in your special nuptials; after all, as every loving dog owner knows, a pooch truly is a member of the family. Rest assured, many couples have brought their dogs (or other pets) into their weddings, and they have found adorable and creative ways to honor their canine pals as they tied the knot. If you’d like to include a special pet in your upcoming wedding ceremony, there are a few fun ways to get him or her involved in all of the action.

Choose a Cute and Fancy Dog Dress for a Female Pooch

Your dog (or other pet) is your “baby”, so why not treat her to a fancy dog dress or puppy dress that will make her look so special and formal? The best doggy dresses and puppy dresses for weddings will feature soft, comfortable fabrics and smooth seams for a better fit.

Look for pretty pastels; they will offer a classic look that flatters any female dog. If you want to add a little lighthearted humor and charm to your walk down the aisle, consider choosing a fancy dog dress or puppy dress that features the words, “flower girl”. One fun way to incorporate a pet into a wedding is to have a young child carry the animal down the aisle (if it is small enough), or walk it down the aisle while it is leashed.

Children and animals don’t always mix well, so it’s important to make sure that your pet’s temperament is incredibly gentle before considering this super-cute strategy; of course, the temperament of a small child should also be taken into consideration!

Adorn Your Beloved Pet in a Suave Dog Tuxedo

Give your loyal pooch a little touch of 007-inspired sophistication by adorning him in a sleek and suave dog tuxedo as you marry. These cute and humorous dog tuxedo designs always evoke plenty of smiles and chuckles on the big day. The best dog tuxedo styles will be comfortable for a canine to wear; these types of pet tuxes may also be available for cats or other small animals. Look for designs crafted from affordable black and white polyester blends and convenient Velcro closures.

Once you’ve dressed your pup or adult dog in a dog tuxedo, you’ll be ready to show him off on your wedding day. Consider bringing him up to the altar with you, as long as church or venue administrators allow pets. Just be certain to take Fido out for a walk and a bathroom break before the big ceremony, or ask a trusted friend to do it for you.

As you can see, a puppy dress, dog tuxedo, or other type of fancy dog dress is usually chosen for a pet that “attends” a wedding; any high-quality, adorable, and reasonably-priced design will contribute to a charming wedding theme, and help your beloved pet to feel included on your special wedding day.


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