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Essential Canadian Doggy Wear

 All dog owners have a general idea of what they need for their new furry family member when they arrive...collar, leash, bed, bowls, treats, toys...but until you get to know your new friend, you won't really know how to personalize everything for their taste and needs.  Living in Canada adds an extra step to consider when choosing essential doggy wear too. If you have a dog with a short coat or are worried about cold temperature throughout winter, then a variety of our wardrobe essentials are a must. For our dogs, we started out with 4 main items: boots, winter coat, sweater or hoodie and a snowsuit/overalls.

Snowsuits or overalls can be great for dogs with all types of fur. If you have a dog with longer fur, the belly and leg covering a snowsuit offers can eliminate the dreaded "snowball belly" Try our Canadian made Bawa overalls or the Icelandic Snowsuit for a heavier option when you want to be sure to keep you pup warm in the wind and snow of winter.
Bawa Overalls

A sweater or hoodie can great for dogs in all 4 seasons. For dogs traveling around in a carrier, especially if traveling by plane as the temperatures in airplanes can fluctuate, a light sweater is a good essential to keep you pup comfortable. It is also great for fall/spring walks or mornings at the dog park when you want to keep your dog warm and dry, but don't require the full waterproofing of a winter jacket.  We enjoy spending evenings out by the fire at the cottage and our dogs always stay cozy in a wool sweater cuddled up as the summer evening cools off.
Plaid dog sweater

Winter dog jackets are an essential Canadian dog item when it comes to getting your dog to enjoy the outdoors, in any weather! Keeping their core warm is the most important part, so be sure that the coat fits properly around the chest, not too big to let the warm air out.  We have options with hoods for an added protection for your dogs ears with styles, sizes and features to suit any dog.
Dog Jacket

Lastly boots are very critical when it comes to walking your dog for any length of time in the winter. Ice and snow build up in-between their pads and freeze from the heat of their feet causing pain and even fur to rip out.  Another benefit of boots is that you don't have to worry that the ice melt your neighbors may use isn't pet friendly and can cause chemical burning of the pads of paws. Choose from our reusable and Eco friendly PAWZ boots to our fashionable and functional Houndstooth Hikers or neoprene boots.
Pawz dog boots


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