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Does Your Dog Have These Winter Gear Essentials?


Brrr!  We are right in the thick of winter, and it can sure get cold here in Canada.  You may be all set to get through the winter, but what about your dog?  Does your dog have everything she needs to stay warm, or should you be shopping for winter gear for dogs?  Here are some must-have items to add to your shopping list if you don’t already have them!


  1. Dog snowsuit


If you enjoy going for long walks on snowy days, you want your beloved furry pal to be just as comfortable as you are.  You have your snowsuit, but what about your dog?  Snowsuits for dogs keep your pet warm and dry.  Get the right fit and there will be enough room for your pet to layer up if necessary for those really cold days. 


For example, our red snowsuit is a very popular product.  The bright red color stands out great against the snow and helps you keep an eye on your pet.  This suit is windproof and waterproof and lined with warm and cozy micro-fleece!  That is just one of the warm and adorable winter coats for dogs that we offer.  Check out our full selection.


  1. Dog sweater


There are going to be a lot of days when your dog could use an extra layer, but nothing as heavy as a coat.  For days like those, sweaters for dogs are perfect.  They offer just enough extra warmth to make your pal comfortable without being overwhelming.  Plus, the lighter fabric offers more freedom of movement than a coat or a jacket and is perfect for indoor or outdoor wear.


You can browse our entire selection of sweaters for dogs.  We have everything ranging from your classic argyle sweater to a cute lion sweater with an extra-warm collar.  Feeling patriotic?  You can never go wrong with our popular maple leaf sweater.  We have sweaters and hoodies for large dogs, small dogs, and everything in between.


  1. Dog hats for winter


Just as you like to wear a hat in the winter to keep your head warm, your dog does may too!  Unlike you, your dog does need holes for his ears in his cap.  Here is one cute cap which does a great job for winter.  As you can see, it warms your dog’s entire head.  This popular product includes both a hat and matching leg warmers.


  1. Winter dog boots


Speaking of your dog’s legs, keeping canine legs and feet warm during the winter is a must!  Dog boots will also keep your pet from direct contact with snow, ice, and debris, and may prevent injury (ice can be quite sharp).  Plus, they will keep antifreeze off of your dog’s paws, a substance which is poisonous to your pet.  You can view some of our boots for dogs here and here.  Dog boots range from your simple, cheap, disposable boots all the way up to your top-of-the-line winter hiking boots.  Just buy what you need based on your habits.  For quick walks around the block, the simple boots will generally be enough.


Once your dog has all of these winter gear essentials, she will be ready to get all bundled up to go on long winter walks with you in comfort.  Remember, if your dog has never worn a coat or boots or a hat or sweater before, you will need to introduce the new attire gradually to your pal.  It takes time for a dog to acclimatize to wearing clothing, and not all dogs will ever wear clothing.  Most however will be grateful for a little extra warmth this winter!


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