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It’s Springtime! Time for Doggie Weddings!

Dog Tux Bandana

One of the cutest trends for springtime this year is dog wedding apparel.  There are a couple of different reasons you might want to purchase an adorable dog wedding dress or tuxedo for your favourite furry companion.  If you’re getting married, you want your dog to be looking his best at your wedding!  Maybe your dog even has a part to play in your wedding by bringing you the ring.  Or perhaps you’re just looking for something fun to do this spring or summer, so you’re organizing a dog wedding for your pooch!  Either way, you can’t do it without dog wedding clothes.  

Why Dress Up Your Dog?

If you have never put fancy clothes on your dog before, you might wonder why your dog should wear clothes.  Well, just look up “dog wedding apparel,” or “dog wedding dress” and check out the photos for the search results.  It’s hard not to get sold on the idea right away just seeing how adorable canines look all dressed up in fancy dog formal wear!  That alone is a pretty good reason to get your pooch all decked out in style.  

Another good reason however is practicality, particularly if it’s you getting married and not your dog.  If you’re having your wedding outdoors (which is usually a necessity if you are bringing your dog to your wedding), you’ll want your dog to be comfortable through the wedding ceremony and the reception afterwards.  Even in springtime, the weather can still be a bit chilly in many locations, so dressing up your dog can keep her comfortable while you are tying the knot.

Why Have a Dog Wedding?

Dog weddings may sound unusual if you are new to the concept, but they have become a major trend in recent years.  There are a lot of reasons to host a dog wedding.  Here are a couple reasons to think about it:

·    You just want to get together with other dog owners and have a fun time.  Dog weddings don’t have to be serious events.

·    You are trying to raise money for charity, and organize a dog wedding as part of the entertainment at a fundraising event.

Dog weddings, like human weddings, take some planning, though not necessarily that much.  You do need to make sure you have someone to conduct the ceremony, a guest list which includes people whose dogs get on well with yours, a cake for the celebration, any other food you’re planning to serve, and of course, dog wedding apparel and accessories.

 Dog Tuxedo  dog wedding dress

Dog Wedding Apparel, Accessories, and More

What types of wedding clothes can you buy for your dogs?  Dog wedding dresses and dog tuxedo vests are perfect for bride and groom dogs, but you will also find formal dresses, bow ties, and other canine outfits for dogs in attendance.  Dog flower girl dresses and bridesmaid dresses are perfect if your dog is planning to take part in your own wedding or will be standing up for another dog’s wedding.  You can also accent these cute formal outfits with jewellery, glitzy collars, and other adorable accessories.  If your dogs are attending a wedding on a hot day, it makes more sense to skip dresses and vests which might be uncomfortably warm and stick to bow ties and jewellery to dress up your dogs.

Train Your Dog to Wear Wedding Apparel

If your dog isn’t used to wearing clothing, expect an adjustment period.  Buy dog wedding clothes in advance so that you have some time to train your dog to accept the garment or accessories.  Teach your dog to associate wearing the clothing with positive rewards or fun times.  You should also purchase a special toy for your dog to play with after the wedding is over.  Wedding ceremonies require your dog to be patient, still and quiet for a long time period, so a toy makes a great reward for getting through the day! 


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