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Dress Up Your Dog for Halloween!

It’s October, and we’re only just a few days away from Halloween. This can be a very fun holiday to celebrate with your dog. Check your town’s schedule and you may even find Halloween events for local pet owners. Dog costume parades and contests are both common events to celebrate the season. You'll have a chance to socialize with other pet owners, and even compete for fun prizes. Even if your town doesn’t host an event like this, you can always dress up your dog for your own Halloween party, or for trick-or-treat if you have kids.

Halloween costumes for dogs are fun, photographable, and make for adorable memories. They also have a practical function of keeping your dog warm. It’s getting colder at this time of the year, and your dog will be much more comfortable trick-or-treating with you and your kids if he has something warm and cute to wear.

There are a huge range of options as far as dog Halloween costumes go. We have a ton of fun dog costumes right here on our website for you to browse. You can also make dog costumes from scratch at home, but you’ll be able to save a lot of time and hassle by shopping online. What do we have in stock this year? The Grr-antula Halloween pet costume includes adorable extra legs and lets your pooch dress up as a spider. Another very cute, clever costume that only a four-legged animal could wear is the Headless Horseman costume. This costume takes the form of an adorable little saddle with a detachable felt headless horseman figure which can ride on top.

Another incredibly lovable option is the dragon dog costume. This costume has little wings, spikes running down the spine, a tail, and a cute dragon face (it doesn’t disrupt your dog’s face like a mask; it sits over top like a hood; if guests at a Halloween party look directly down at your dog though, they’ll see a little dragon looking up at them). Also in this vein is the caterpillar dog costume, with segments and antennae. A ladybug costume offers another choice.

Also very cute are the hot dog and taco dog costumes. The hot dog costume includes two plush poppy seed buns which can be secured with Velcro straps. Along the top on back you can select either mustard or ketchup. The taco costume is similar, except that instead of a poppy seed bun, you have a plush taco shell, with lettuce and other ingredients along the top. Still other cute costumes we stock include a doggie mermaid costume, a pirate costume complete with a pirate cap, and a knight costume with a cloth helmet. These are sure to be a hit at any Halloween festivity!

Have a fussy dog or a dog which won’t be comfortable in an elaborate costume? There are always lighter options which you can try instead. The “iBite tee” is a perfect option which we carry for dogs that are comfortable in a T-shirt, but not a full-fledged Halloween costume. This T-shirt is still seasonally themed, and even glows in the dark! This makes it perfect if you’re taking your dog out on a walk on Halloween night. All of our dog costumes are very reasonably priced, but this is one of our least expensive options as well, which makes it great for Halloween fun on a budget.

Remember when you present a Halloween costume to your pet, at first it will be an unfamiliar object, and will be treated with some caution. Remember to take it slowly when introducing your dog to the new costume, and to reward him with treats for checking it out and allowing you to put it on him. Particularly skittish dogs will do better with smaller, simpler costumes. Hurry up and order now so that you have some time to get your pet used to his new costume before Halloween night!


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