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What to Do About a Shy Dog

If you have a shy dog, you know that sometimes shyness can be every bit as tedious to do with as blatant aggression. Maybe one day you took your dog for a walk, and a stranger approached in the dog park, and suddenly your dog went crazy, barking like mad and attempting to flee.   Feeling embarrassed, you tried to apologize, but when you went home that day, you still had no idea what you could do about this kind of situation. You knew very well that behavior was likely to repeat again the next day.   There are a..  - Read More

What to Do About Attention-Seeking Dogs

All dogs look for attention, and all dogs need it.  But there are some dogs that go way overboard.  It doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on your pooch.  Attention-seeking happens for a lot of different reasons.  Sometimes it is an abrupt change in your availability (maybe you adopted your dog over a vacation, and now you’re back at work).  Other times it could reflect on your dog’s past.    Regardless of the why, excessive attention-seeking behaviors can easily drive you crazy.  Barking at all hours, waking you up in the night, jumping on every person who walks through the door …..  - Read More

Restrictions on Hiking with a Dog

What Should You Know About Hiking With Your Dog?   We’re right in the middle of the summer season, and this is the perfect time to go on a hiking or camping trip, and bring your dog along with you!  Before you start out on the trails, though, there are a few things you should know about hiking with your dog.  First off, make sure you are allowed to bring your dog with you on the trail you are planning to hike.  Some parks in Canada allow dogs to share the trail, while others do not.  You do not want..  - Read More

Choosing a Backpack for Your Dog

Hitting the trails this summer?  If so, there are a few dog supplies for hiking which are essential, and one of those is a travel pack!  A travel pack has many benefits for you and for your dog, and can make for a much better hiking or camping trip.    A backpack for your dog allows your dog to carry his own gear. Backpacks can actually help a dog to focus and can convey a sense of enthusiasm.  Since they are doing a job, they take pride in it, instead of chasing after every squirrel. As a result, behavioral patterns..  - Read More

Why do Dogs chew?

Every dog chews, but if you have noticed your dog chews a lot, you may be wondering why.  You may even be wondering if it’s because she has some kind of medical or behavioral problem.  There are actually a lot of reasons why dogs chew, and why some dogs chew more than others.  Some of the reasons are a cause for concern, and some of them aren’t.    Here are a few innocuous reasons your dog may chew more than average:   You may have a breed that does a lot of chewing, like a Jack Russell Terrier or a..  - Read More

What to Buy for the Dog That Chews

Do you have a dog breed like Golden Retriever that loves to chew everything?  If so, you will need to put some extra thought (and expense) into making sure that your dog has everything he needs to stay entertained without destroying everything you have bought for him.  It is pretty frustrating to spend $100 on a dog bed only to find you have to replace it a few months later, and nothing is more annoying than coming home to find your couch cushions in tatters.   With dogs that chew, you have two primary considerations:   You need indestructible dog..  - Read More

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