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How Can You Control Fleas on Your Dog?

  Trying to figure out the secret for getting rid of dog fleas?  Once they find their way into your home, it is pretty tricky to remove them from your environment.  You might think finding a single flea is no big deal, but odds are that flea is a sign that there are hundreds of eggs and larvae nearby just waiting to grow into adult fleas and breed more.  And if your dog has a lot of fleas, you are dealing with a full-on infestation.   Controlling fleas on your dog isn’t just about removing them from your pet.  It..  - Read More

How to Give a Dog a Bath

If you are giving a dog a bath for the first time, the prospect may seem a bit daunting.  There was a time when it was tricky to bathe a dog without drying out the coat, but these days it’s easier with formulated products made specifically for dogs including shampoos and conditioners, detanglers and more.  Some people think that a hose-off outside is the same thing as a bath, but for multiple reasons it isn’t.  For one, the hose water is cold, which isn’t as effective and isn’t fun for the dog.  For another, your dog will immediately get dirty..  - Read More

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