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Does Your Dog Have These Winter Gear Essentials?

  Brrr!  We are right in the thick of winter, and it can sure get cold here in Canada.  You may be all set to get through the winter, but what about your dog?  Does your dog have everything she needs to stay warm, or should you be shopping for winter gear for dogs?  Here are some must-have items to add to your shopping list if you don’t already have them!   Dog snowsuit   If you enjoy going for long walks on snowy days, you want your beloved furry pal to be just as comfortable as you are.  You..  - Read More

6 Reasons to Adopt a Dog

  When you were a child and you wanted a dog, what did you say to your parents?  Probably, “Please, can’t we go to the pet store and buy a dog?”  Many people do not become aware that adopting a pet is an option until they get older.  When’s the last time you heard a child say, “Can’t we adopt a puppy?”    But once you do become aware that adoption is an option, you may wonder why you should adopt a dog instead of buying one from the pet shop.  Here are 6 very good reasons to consider!  ..  - Read More

Protecting Your Dog from Poisonous Plants

  Every dog needs to spend ample time outdoors going on walks and playing in the yard.  If you live in a location with a lot of ferns, ivy, flowers, and shrubs, however, you need to take extra steps to protect your pet from toxic exposure.  As a human being, you really only need to worry about running into poison oak or poison ivy.  Dogs however can have adverse reactions to many plants which are innocuous to humans.  Sometimes brushing against a toxic plant is enough to cause a reaction.  Other times, dogs get sick because they eat a plant..  - Read More

How Can You Control Fleas on Your Dog?

  Trying to figure out the secret for getting rid of dog fleas?  Once they find their way into your home, it is pretty tricky to remove them from your environment.  You might think finding a single flea is no big deal, but odds are that flea is a sign that there are hundreds of eggs and larvae nearby just waiting to grow into adult fleas and breed more.  And if your dog has a lot of fleas, you are dealing with a full-on infestation.   Controlling fleas on your dog isn’t just about removing them from your pet.  It..  - Read More

Does Your Dog Need a Jacket?

A lot of pet owners who are new to the concept of clothing for dogs make the assumption that dog clothing is a human idea, and that it doesn’t have any practical relevance to their pets.  This is not the case, however; dog clothing can be very practical, especially in Canada and other parts of the world which are routinely subjected to cold temperatures and harsh winds and precipitation.  Some dogs are naturally more adapted than others to the cold.  For those dogs which aren’t, a dog jacket or coat can make for a more comfortable walk during the winter, spring, and autumn months.  Does your dog need a coat?

How to Train Your Dog to Wear a Coat

Most locations in Canada get pretty cold during the winter months, and many spots in Canada stay pretty cool in the spring and autumn months as well.  If you live at elevation, you may even have cool evenings and nights during summer.  One thing which can make life in Canada more comfortable and pleasant for your dog is a dog coat, sweater or jacket.  These are great for taking your dog on walks when it’s chilly outside and the wind is blowing.  Waterproof dog coats or snowsuits can also provide additional warmth and comfort when it is raining or snowing outside.  But how do you actually get your dog to wear a coat?  Here are our recommended steps.

1.    Firstly, make sure you actually get dog clothes that fit your pet.  A dog coat size chart can help you out here.  Measure the circumference of your dog’s chest and neck as well as the length starting at his neck to the base of his tail and you will be able to choose the proper size from the sizing chart.  If the dog coat isn’t comfortable, your dog isn’t going to want to wear it.... READ ON

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