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How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

If you are a new dog owner, you probably know that it’s important to walk your dog, but you may not know how often to do it.  If you don’t walk your dog enough, she may be prone to bouts of restless hyperactivity.  You don’t want to overdo it though and tire your pooch out either.  What is the right amount?   As a general rule, the bets answer is to walk your dog around twice a day, for 15 minutes each time.  This really is just a general “if in doubt” rule, though.  Some breeds require more exercise than..  - Read More

Why Your Dog Needs Boots

Why Your Dog Needs Boots   To some pet owners, dog boots for winter may seem like a gimmick.  After all, animals in the wild certainly don’t wear dog boots, so why should your pet?  Dog booties actually make a great deal of sense, though, and it is important to remember that you are not living in the wild, and neither is your pet.  Winter does bring some natural hazards, but living in an urban or suburban environment poses additional winter hazards your dog would not be faced with in the wild.  Why buy dog boots?  Here are some great..  - Read More

How to Get Your Dog to Wear Boots

Some pet owners think that dog boots are just a peculiar human fashion statement, but dog boots actually are quite useful, especially if you live in an area with rough terrain or a harsh climate.  Your dog may not need to wear boots on a walk around the block on an average day, but on days with harsh weather, dog boots can provide protection to the dog’s foot pads.  Hot pavement can hurt your dog’s feet (think how you’d like walking on hot pavement without protection), and snow and ice can also be tough on paws.  If you’re walking with..  - Read More

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