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Does Your Dog Need A Veterinary Specialist?

It is common for pet owners to resist going to see a veterinarian specialist.  Why?  It’s probably for a lot of the same reasons that it is common for us to want to avoid specialist appointments for ourselves.  Specialists can cost more than going to see a general practitioner, and you know your dog’s primary care veterinarian.  You may feel comfortable with him or her and not too excited about dealing with a stranger.    It’s not a good idea to avoid vet specialists though.  We can argue back and forth with ourselves when it comes to making decisions about..  - Read More

Brush Your Dogs Teeth!

Just as your own teeth and gums need regular care so that you do not get gum disease or tooth decay, your pet’s teeth need to be tended to as well.  There are a number of steps which you can take to maintain the health of your pet’s mouth.  Some basic home preventative care can go a long way toward keeping gum and teeth problems away.  This article will focus on dental care for dogs. You should regularly check out your pet’s breath (probably not too challenging, particularly with canines, considering their propensity toward shoving their snouts in your face!). ..  - Read More

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