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Tips for Taking Care of a Blind Dog

Pet owners are often intimidated by handicaps in pets—sadly this is one reason many pets end up in shelters, condemned unless someone adopts them.  Blindness is one defect that may intimidate you, but a blind dog isn’t all that difficult to care for since vision is not a dog’s primary sense anyway.  Blindness is usually gradual and progressive as well, which can enable some adjustment time if your dog is starting to lose his eyesight.  If you’re adopting a blind dog, or your dog has recently started losing eyesight, here are some tips for taking care of your dog.  ..  - Read More

Treat Training Your Dog

Tips for Using Treats When Housetraining Dogs Dog owners are often of different minds when it comes to using treats (positive reinforcement) while housetraining dogs.  While there are reasons for or against, the best approach is probably one of moderation.  Positive reinforcement with treats can form an effective understanding between dog and human, though there can be practical drawbacks by relying too heavily on this tactic.  One is that the housetraining shouldn’t be entirely about getting treats.  Your dog wants to be housetrained (ultimately) since your dog doesn’t want to live in a soiled environment—so it’s best to allow that..  - Read More

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