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How to Read Pet Food Packages And Ingredients

How to Read Pet Food Packages   There are a number of essentials that your dog needs to stay healthy: a comfortable, pet-safe home, a cozy dog bed, dog clothes for winter, fun dog toys … and of course, healthy dog food.  Shopping for dog food isn’t easy, though, particularly if you are a new pet owner.  It is hard enough to read the labels on human food and know what you are getting!  Reading the labels and ingredients lists on pet food can be even more confusing.  Should you buy the box that says “chicken dog food” or the..  - Read More

Treat Training Your Dog

Tips for Using Treats When Housetraining Dogs Dog owners are often of different minds when it comes to using treats (positive reinforcement) while housetraining dogs.  While there are reasons for or against, the best approach is probably one of moderation.  Positive reinforcement with treats can form an effective understanding between dog and human, though there can be practical drawbacks by relying too heavily on this tactic.  One is that the housetraining shouldn’t be entirely about getting treats.  Your dog wants to be housetrained (ultimately) since your dog doesn’t want to live in a soiled environment—so it’s best to allow that..  - Read More

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