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Wedding apparel for dogs.

There are a lot of different reasons you might want to purchase wedding apparel for your furry canine friend. Maybe you are tying the knot yourself, and want your pooch to stand up for your wedding in the cutest dog formal wear. Or perhaps you’ve trained your dog to bring you the ring. A cute dress or bow tie for your dog can help to celebrate the role your dog is playing in the ceremony for your special day. Or maybe you are organizing a doggie wedding.

It’s Springtime! Time for Doggie Weddings!

One of the cutest trends for springtime this year is dog wedding apparel.  There are a couple of different reasons you might want to purchase an adorable dog wedding dress or tuxedo for your favourite furry companion.  If you’re getting married, you want your dog to be looking his best at your wedding!  Maybe your dog even has a part to play in your wedding by bringing you the ring.  Or perhaps you’re just looking for something fun to do this spring or summer, so you’re organizing a dog wedding for your pooch!  Either way, you can’t do it without dog wedding clothes... READ ON

Include Your Pet In Your Wedding

How to Include a Beloved Pet in a Wedding Ceremony: If you’re planning a wedding, you may dream of dressing your loyal, sweet pooch in a dog tuxedo and then including him in your special nuptials; after all, as every loving dog owner knows, a pooch truly is a member of the family. Rest assured, many couples have brought their dogs (or other pets) into their weddings, and they have found adorable and creative ways to honor their canine pals as they tied the knot. If you’d like to include a special pet in your upcoming wedding ceremony, there are..  - Read More

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