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Five Fosters

 Wow, when we first started fostering I never thought we'd get past the first one! It was so hard to say goodbye once they had snuggled their way into your hearts and your bed. From a weekend to 3 months we have had the same amount of love and sadness when each one of them has left. I think this time the major difference is that Skimper is the first time we have fostered since we adopted our Chi/Italian Greyhound, Corona. While Skimper is probably the easiest foster pup (potty trained, doesn't bark, likes our dogs, hasn't chewed or eaten anything), she has been a little bit easier to let go of, just knowing when she goes, Domo will have Corona and Corona will Domo and we will have them both!... READ ON.....

Water Valley, Alberta - Proudly Canadian!
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