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Choosing the Right Dog Toys

Every dog needs toys!  But choosing the best toys for your pet can be a challenge.  There are so many different types of toys out there, and each of them has a different purpose.  Here are some considerations to ensure that you are getting the right toys for your pet.   Think about your dog’s breed when selecting toys.  Some types of dogs love to chew (Labrador retrievers and Golden retrievers are two prime examples).  Other dogs enjoy solving puzzles (like German shepherds).  You want to buy a variety of toys for your dog, but make sure that at least..  - Read More

5 Health Benefits of Dog Toys

We all need stimulation in our lives, and dogs are no different from humans.  In fact, for our canine pals, toys are every bit as much an essential supply as food, a bed or crate, and other basic necessities.  Here are a few of the most important physical and psychological benefits of toys for dogs!   Dog toys promote healthy teeth and gums.    Chew toys for dogs don’t just keep your pet busy; they have a very specific health benefit.  A dog needs to chew in order to keep her gums and teeth in top condition.  You can even..  - Read More

Why do Dogs chew?

Every dog chews, but if you have noticed your dog chews a lot, you may be wondering why.  You may even be wondering if it’s because she has some kind of medical or behavioral problem.  There are actually a lot of reasons why dogs chew, and why some dogs chew more than others.  Some of the reasons are a cause for concern, and some of them aren’t.    Here are a few innocuous reasons your dog may chew more than average:   You may have a breed that does a lot of chewing, like a Jack Russell Terrier or a..  - Read More

What to Buy for the Dog That Chews

Do you have a dog breed like Golden Retriever that loves to chew everything?  If so, you will need to put some extra thought (and expense) into making sure that your dog has everything he needs to stay entertained without destroying everything you have bought for him.  It is pretty frustrating to spend $100 on a dog bed only to find you have to replace it a few months later, and nothing is more annoying than coming home to find your couch cushions in tatters.   With dogs that chew, you have two primary considerations:   You need indestructible dog..  - Read More

Why Do Dogs Like Toys?

If you are getting ready to bring a new furry friend home, there are number of important supplies you will need to pick up, including dog toys.  Dog toys may seem less essential than shots, dog food, and other obvious necessities, but they are every bit as important.  There are many different types of toys out there, including dog toys for aggressive chewers, dog toys for big dogs, and even dog toys for blind dogs.  Why are toys critically important for your pooch and not just an optional extra?·    Activity.  Dog toys are a great way for your pooch to..  - Read More

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