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What to Do About Attention-Seeking Dogs

All dogs look for attention, and all dogs need it.  But there are some dogs that go way overboard.  It doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on your pooch.  Attention-seeking happens for a lot of different reasons.  Sometimes it is an abrupt change in your availability (maybe you adopted your dog over a vacation, and now you’re back at work).  Other times it could reflect on your dog’s past.    Regardless of the why, excessive attention-seeking behaviors can easily drive you crazy.  Barking at all hours, waking you up in the night, jumping on every person who walks through the door …..  - Read More

Train your dog how to sit

One of the simplest commands in your repertoire as a dog owner is the “sit” command.  This is a very useful command, and a great starting point if you’re new to being a pet owner.  Here is how to train your dog to sit when you say the word.  You should find it relatively simple to get your dog to comply, and you can use it as a springboard to teaching other commands.... READ ON...

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