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What to Do About a Shy Dog

If you have a shy dog, you know that sometimes shyness can be every bit as tedious to do with as blatant aggression. Maybe one day you took your dog for a walk, and a stranger approached in the dog park, and suddenly your dog went crazy, barking like mad and attempting to flee.   Feeling embarrassed, you tried to apologize, but when you went home that day, you still had no idea what you could do about this kind of situation. You knew very well that behavior was likely to repeat again the next day.   There are a..  - Read More

What to Do About Attention-Seeking Dogs

All dogs look for attention, and all dogs need it.  But there are some dogs that go way overboard.  It doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on your pooch.  Attention-seeking happens for a lot of different reasons.  Sometimes it is an abrupt change in your availability (maybe you adopted your dog over a vacation, and now you’re back at work).  Other times it could reflect on your dog’s past.    Regardless of the why, excessive attention-seeking behaviors can easily drive you crazy.  Barking at all hours, waking you up in the night, jumping on every person who walks through the door …..  - Read More

Get Your Home Ready for a Foster Dog

  Fostering a pet is a wonderful way to open your heart and your home to an animal in need. Before you bring a foster pet into your home however, you need to take some steps to prepare your household and any other pets that you own.    1. Make sure your pets’ vaccinations are up-to-date.   Foster animals come from all kinds of situations, including the streets and homes where they were not cared for. These dogs may carry diseases, such as worms or respiratory infections. You do not want these foster animals to pass on their ailments to your..  - Read More

Does Your Dog Have These Winter Gear Essentials?

  Brrr!  We are right in the thick of winter, and it can sure get cold here in Canada.  You may be all set to get through the winter, but what about your dog?  Does your dog have everything she needs to stay warm, or should you be shopping for winter gear for dogs?  Here are some must-have items to add to your shopping list if you don’t already have them!   Dog snowsuit   If you enjoy going for long walks on snowy days, you want your beloved furry pal to be just as comfortable as you are.  You..  - Read More

6 Reasons to Adopt a Dog

  When you were a child and you wanted a dog, what did you say to your parents?  Probably, “Please, can’t we go to the pet store and buy a dog?”  Many people do not become aware that adopting a pet is an option until they get older.  When’s the last time you heard a child say, “Can’t we adopt a puppy?”    But once you do become aware that adoption is an option, you may wonder why you should adopt a dog instead of buying one from the pet shop.  Here are 6 very good reasons to consider!  ..  - Read More

Protecting Your Dog from Poisonous Plants

  Every dog needs to spend ample time outdoors going on walks and playing in the yard.  If you live in a location with a lot of ferns, ivy, flowers, and shrubs, however, you need to take extra steps to protect your pet from toxic exposure.  As a human being, you really only need to worry about running into poison oak or poison ivy.  Dogs however can have adverse reactions to many plants which are innocuous to humans.  Sometimes brushing against a toxic plant is enough to cause a reaction.  Other times, dogs get sick because they eat a plant..  - Read More

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