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It’s Springtime! Time for Doggie Weddings!

One of the cutest trends for springtime this year is dog wedding apparel.  There are a couple of different reasons you might want to purchase an adorable dog wedding dress or tuxedo for your favourite furry companion.  If you’re getting married, you want your dog to be looking his best at your wedding!  Maybe your dog even has a part to play in your wedding by bringing you the ring.  Or perhaps you’re just looking for something fun to do this spring or summer, so you’re organizing a dog wedding for your pooch!  Either way, you can’t do it without dog wedding clothes... READ ON

Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer With a Dog Life Jacket

 We’re officially out of winter and heading into spring, and that means that summer is just around the corner, a few months away.  And summertime means lots of fun activities outdoors with your canine pal!  If you enjoy water based activities, you know how much more fun they can be if you have your dog along with you.  If you want to take your dog along while you are fishing, boating, swimming, or enjoying other water sport adventures, then you’ll need a dog flotation device that can keep your furry friend safe.... READ ON.

How to Choose a Dog Harness

 Choosing a harness can be a tricky task. There are more styles out there then you probably realized with different features and styles depending on what you and your dog are needing. Then you factor in the cool prints, patterns, bling and accessories and you can be left a bit confused! Since we have two dogs and have a had a few foster dogs over the years, we have been able to test out the many different styles of harnesses that we sell at the boutique. At the moment, we are using 3 different harness styles for our dogs, depending on if we are using a harness in winter over clothing or in summer just on it's own. The key to choosing the right style is knowing what the purpose of your harness will be: walking a pulling dog, walking a calmer dog, for use with a seat belt lead, for use on a long lead in a open space/dog park, and knowing the tendency of your dog. Has it slipped out of a collar or harness before? Does it have skin issues that may need a soft material? Will you be using the harness along with a coat or sweater?... READ ON....

Essential Canadian Doggy Wear

 All dog owners have a general idea of what they need for their new furry family member when they arrive...collar, leash, bed, bowls, treats, toys...but until you get to know your new friend, you won't really know how to personalize everything for their taste and needs.  Living in Canada adds an extra step to consider when choosing essential doggy wear too... READ ON...

Five Fosters

 Wow, when we first started fostering I never thought we'd get past the first one! It was so hard to say goodbye once they had snuggled their way into your hearts and your bed. From a weekend to 3 months we have had the same amount of love and sadness when each one of them has left. I think this time the major difference is that Skimper is the first time we have fostered since we adopted our Chi/Italian Greyhound, Corona. While Skimper is probably the easiest foster pup (potty trained, doesn't bark, likes our dogs, hasn't chewed or eaten anything), she has been a little bit easier to let go of, just knowing when she goes, Domo will have Corona and Corona will Domo and we will have them both!... READ ON.....

Making Your Home Safe for a New Dog

 If you’re going to be bringing a new canine friend home to live with you soon, you need to prep your house first to make sure that there is nothing hazardous to the dog—and also that the dog isn’t going to be a hazard to your possessions.  Here are some steps to take to make sure that you’re ready for your new furry friend to live with you safely and on..

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