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Train your dog how to sit

One of the simplest commands in your repertoire as a dog owner is the “sit” command.  This is a very useful command, and a great starting point if you’re new to being a pet owner.  Here is how to train your dog to sit when you say the word.  You should find it relatively simple to get your dog to comply, and you can use it as a springboard to teaching other commands.... READ ON...

Choosing Health Insurance for your Dog

 One of your responsibilities as a dog owner is to take care of your dog’s health.  Just as you would prefer to have health insurance to protect you in case something goes wrong, your pet would appreciate the same gesture.  There are two important aspects of healthcare for dogs, just as there are for humans: preventative care and emergency care/treatment of illnesses and injuries.  When you search for health insurance for your pet, you need to take both into account.... READ ON...

Tips for Taking Care of a Blind Dog

Pet owners are often intimidated by handicaps in pets—sadly this is one reason many pets end up in shelters, condemned unless someone adopts them.  Blindness is one defect that may intimidate you, but a blind dog isn’t all that difficult to care for since vision is not a dog’s primary sense anyway.  Blindness is usually gradual and progressive as well, which can enable some adjustment time if your dog is starting to lose his eyesight.  If you’re adopting a blind dog, or your dog has recently started losing eyesight, here are some tips for taking care of your dog.  ..  - Read More

Teach Your Dog to Pick Up Toys

One common frustration among new dog owners is the regular mess that results from toys being strewn around the house.  It can look like a hurricane has blown through before long.  Fortunately this is one of the many areas where a little training can go a long way toward making your life easier.  Here is how you can get your dog to pick up his own toys so that you don’t have to. Star out by purchasing a toy box for your dog.  When you select a toy box for your dog, keep your dog’s size in mind.  The idea..  - Read More

Why Adopt a Pet?

Thinking of buying a new pet from a pet store?  You might consider adopting a pet instead.  There are a lot of great reasons to adopt instead of buy, not the least of which is that you’ll save some money.  Perhaps the most important reason however is knowing that you’ll be doing a good deed, and that the animal you choose to bring home with you will probably owe its life to your decision.  That same lovable animal might not be able to survive without you! Millions of animals are euthanized each year because people give them up and there..  - Read More

Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

Sometimes there will be occasions where you’ll have to leave your dog alone at home while you step out to do errands or work.  While it’s not a good idea to leave a dog home alone for very long time periods, you can't be tied to your home just because you now own a pet.  How can you keep your dog (relatively) happy while you’re out for a few hours?   Your dog will miss you while you are out, and that’s a given.  But there are things you can do to help your dog to weather the hours of..  - Read More

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