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Common Dog Parasites

As a dog owner, one of your key responsibilities is going to be looking out for your pet’s health.  Just as human beings get sick, dogs can routinely pick up harmful parasites.  You’ll want to familiarize yourself with those parasites so you can recognize signs and symptoms of infection.  It’s also smart to take your dog to the vet for an annual check up so that you don’t take any chances.  What are some of the common dog parasites which you should watch out for? ·    Giardia.  This is an intestinal parasite which usually infects older dogs.  It comes from..  - Read More

Treat Training Your Dog

Tips for Using Treats When Housetraining Dogs Dog owners are often of different minds when it comes to using treats (positive reinforcement) while housetraining dogs.  While there are reasons for or against, the best approach is probably one of moderation.  Positive reinforcement with treats can form an effective understanding between dog and human, though there can be practical drawbacks by relying too heavily on this tactic.  One is that the housetraining shouldn’t be entirely about getting treats.  Your dog wants to be housetrained (ultimately) since your dog doesn’t want to live in a soiled environment—so it’s best to allow that..  - Read More

How to Give a Dog a Bath

If you are giving a dog a bath for the first time, the prospect may seem a bit daunting.  There was a time when it was tricky to bathe a dog without drying out the coat, but these days it’s easier with formulated products made specifically for dogs including shampoos and conditioners, detanglers and more.  Some people think that a hose-off outside is the same thing as a bath, but for multiple reasons it isn’t.  For one, the hose water is cold, which isn’t as effective and isn’t fun for the dog.  For another, your dog will immediately get dirty..  - Read More

How to Choose the Right Size Dog

When adopting a dog for the first time, one thing you might not think about right away is size.  You may be tempted to walk into a rescue and pick out the first cute dog to catch your eye (and your heart), but that isn’t always a good idea.  A lot of people end up adopting dogs that they don’t really have the space for, which can be a hassle for the owners and a quality of life issue for the dogs.  You’ll want to think carefully over the matter before you pick a new furry friend. Dogs are small,..  - Read More

Why You Should Brush Your Dog

A lot of new pet owners overlook the grooming essentials which come with taking care of a dog.  One of those essentials is brushing and combing.  Why should you brush and comb your dog’s coat?  Just as you probably brush and comb your own hair for hygienic reasons and to preserve the health of your hair, brushing and combing a dog can help to keep your dog’s hair and skin healthy.  The reasons go far beyond appearances, so this is an important task to learn how to do.  Brushing a dog’s hair loosens up dead hair and removes it, which..  - Read More

Brush Your Dogs Teeth!

Just as your own teeth and gums need regular care so that you do not get gum disease or tooth decay, your pet’s teeth need to be tended to as well.  There are a number of steps which you can take to maintain the health of your pet’s mouth.  Some basic home preventative care can go a long way toward keeping gum and teeth problems away.  This article will focus on dental care for dogs. You should regularly check out your pet’s breath (probably not too challenging, particularly with canines, considering their propensity toward shoving their snouts in your face!). ..  - Read More

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