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Why Foster Dogs?

If you’re new to taking care of dogs or raising puppies, then you might wonder why you would want to foster a puppy instead of adopt one.  When you adopt a pet, you take care of that pet for the rest of its life, but when you foster a puppy, you only take care of the puppy for a short time.  Once someone else adopts the puppy, then the puppy moves on to its permanent home and your job is done.  While you may be interested in adopting a puppy for the long term, fostering can give you some experience..  - Read More

Protect Your Dogs Eyes With Doggles

Dog Eye Wear Will Protect Your Dog’s Vision If you’re searching for ways to protect your beloved dog’s eyes from sun and wind, while also making it easier for Fido to enjoy quality time outdoors, you’ll be pleased to discover the benefits of dog sun glasses. One of the most popular brands of dog sun glasses is Doggles; these affordable dog eyewear designs offer pooches unprecedented protection against the elements. They also protect pups or adult dogs from any foreign bodies that may strain, dry out, or damage their sensitive eyes. Doggles are Different from the Rest Doggles come complete..  - Read More

How to Get Your Dog to Wear Boots

Some pet owners think that dog boots are just a peculiar human fashion statement, but dog boots actually are quite useful, especially if you live in an area with rough terrain or a harsh climate.  Your dog may not need to wear boots on a walk around the block on an average day, but on days with harsh weather, dog boots can provide protection to the dog’s foot pads.  Hot pavement can hurt your dog’s feet (think how you’d like walking on hot pavement without protection), and snow and ice can also be tough on paws.  If you’re walking with..  - Read More

Dog Clothes Edmonton

As we approach Maple Leash's One Year Anniversary as an online dog boutique we reflect back on how this all got started.  We would like to thank some of the local Edmonton dog rescue groups that were our first connections into the rescue world. Groups like CaliCan and HART (The Humane Animal Rescue Team) have been great supporters of us and we love supporting and following their puppies progress.   From Woofstock in St.Albert to the Glenora Christmas Gift Show, our holiday kiosk in Bonnie Doon Mall and most recently our booth at the 2012 Edmonton Pet Expo, we have..  - Read More

Is a Dog Harness Better than a Dog Collar?

Is a Dog Harness Better than a Dog Collar? Yes, a dog harness is better than a dog collar, because this type of harness is so much gentler on a beloved pet’s body. If you’re searching for the best dog accessories for your canine pal, you should know that a dog harness is a cruelty-free choice that will allow you to walk your pet (and control your pet) without causing your pooch any pain or physical injuries. More and more loving pet owners are turning to dog harnesses; after all, these practical devices are a great investment, and certain types..  - Read More

$50 Dog Contest!

We are giving away a $50 gift certificate to our store via the Ottawa Dog Blog! To enter, visit the Ottawa Dog Blog and leave a comment, telling them what you’d buy with your $50.00 gift card! Contest closes Wednesday April 11th at noon and winner will be chosen at random. Maple Leash ships world wide, so this contest is open to everyone. Now's your chance to get that dog coat, dress or bed that you have always wanted to spoil your little one in! .  - Read More

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