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How Can You Control Fleas on Your Dog?

  Trying to figure out the secret for getting rid of dog fleas?  Once they find their way into your home, it is pretty tricky to remove them from your environment.  You might think finding a single flea is no big deal, but odds are that flea is a sign that there are hundreds of eggs and larvae nearby just waiting to grow into adult fleas and breed more.  And if your dog has a lot of fleas, you are dealing with a full-on infestation.   Controlling fleas on your dog isn’t just about removing them from your pet.  It..  - Read More

Choosing the Right Dog Toys

Every dog needs toys!  But choosing the best toys for your pet can be a challenge.  There are so many different types of toys out there, and each of them has a different purpose.  Here are some considerations to ensure that you are getting the right toys for your pet.   Think about your dog’s breed when selecting toys.  Some types of dogs love to chew (Labrador retrievers and Golden retrievers are two prime examples).  Other dogs enjoy solving puzzles (like German shepherds).  You want to buy a variety of toys for your dog, but make sure that at least..  - Read More

5 Health Benefits of Dog Toys

We all need stimulation in our lives, and dogs are no different from humans.  In fact, for our canine pals, toys are every bit as much an essential supply as food, a bed or crate, and other basic necessities.  Here are a few of the most important physical and psychological benefits of toys for dogs!   Dog toys promote healthy teeth and gums.    Chew toys for dogs don’t just keep your pet busy; they have a very specific health benefit.  A dog needs to chew in order to keep her gums and teeth in top condition.  You can even..  - Read More

Hiking and Camping Checklist for Dogs

In a recent post, we talked about what you should know if you decide to go hiking with your dog this year.  Many parks throughout Canada allow dogs on trails, so long as you observe proper trail etiquette.  That means your dog needs to be under control and well-behaved.  Before you head out, here is a checklist of everything that you need for your dog to stay safe and happy:   Paperwork and tags. When you go on a trip with your dog, even just for a couple of days, bring along all of your paperwork: your ownership license, immunization..  - Read More

How Can You Prevent and Control Ticks?

While you are shopping for dog care supplies, it is important to make sure that all of your pet’s health needs are taken care of.  If you are a new pet owner, dog tick prevention and dog tick removal are very important topics for you to learn about.    As you probably know, ticks carry many diseases, including some various serious diseases like Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  While a dog is less likely to get Lyme disease than you are, your pet is still susceptible.  Here are some steps you can take to prevent your dog from getting..  - Read More

Types of Dog Leashes and Collars

Walking your dog is a wonderful way to bond with your pet, but as you may have noticed, it’s also a great way to get frustrated fast.  Dogs are always very in touch with their surroundings, and easily can get excited at everything they see—squirrels, vehicles, other people and their pets.  That’s one of the reasons they tend to run ahead and pull on the leash.    You can make walking with your dog safer, easier, and more fun for both of you by choosing the right leash and collar.  The best leash and collar depends on the breed of..  - Read More

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