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5 Things You Dog Vet Wishes You Knew

Most pets don’t have a fun time going to the vet, but an annual checkup is necessary for your dog, and it’s very important that you follow through each year.  What’s equally important though is that you make smart, healthy decisions for your pet which protect his health year-round.  Doing this will ultimately mean fewer trips to the vet outside your annual checkup schedule, and will prevent health problems over time.  What do veterinarians wish you knew about taking care of your dog?   When in doubt, bring your pet in for a diagnosis, even if that means going to..  - Read More

Why Your Dog Needs Boots

Why Your Dog Needs Boots   To some pet owners, dog boots for winter may seem like a gimmick.  After all, animals in the wild certainly don’t wear dog boots, so why should your pet?  Dog booties actually make a great deal of sense, though, and it is important to remember that you are not living in the wild, and neither is your pet.  Winter does bring some natural hazards, but living in an urban or suburban environment poses additional winter hazards your dog would not be faced with in the wild.  Why buy dog boots?  Here are some great..  - Read More

How to Choose the Right Dog Bed Type

If you recently adopted or bought a dog, you need to make sure that you have all the dog supplies you need for the cold winter months!  One important supply is a dog bed.  A dog bed is actually an important supply year-round, but during the winter, it is extra important since it provides insulation.  Some pet owners even invest in a couple of different dog beds, one for summer and one for winter.  A dog bed also provides comfortable cushioning for joints (especially important for older dogs) and a sense of territory and safety.  The dog bed corrals a..  - Read More

How to Choose the Right Dog Bed Size

How to Choose the Right Dog Bed Size   Choosing the right size dog bed probably seems like a simple matter—and ultimately it is.  But that doesn’t stop dog owners from regularly making the wrong purchase decisions.  Many dog owners simply estimate the size they need.  Taking a wild guess will more often than not result in the wrong choice though.  Most pet owners tend to underestimate the amount of space their dog needs to sleep comfortably, so they end up purchasing dog beds which are too small.  If you buy a dog bed which is too small, you will..  - Read More

The Dog Sweater Buying guide

Fall is a beautiful time of year.  The leaves are changing, and if you’re not a fan of hot weather, you’re probably relieved by the dropping temperatures.  It’s the perfect time for walks with your dog, and with a sweater, rain jacket, and boots, you can do it without a mess, even on wet, muddy days.  A dog sweater is perfect for indoor wear as well, right along with a cute little pair of doggie socks.  And a Halloween costume adds a splash of seasonal fun!          Dog Sweater Buying Guide   Now that it’s fall, it..  - Read More

5 Dangers to Outdoor Dogs

5 Dangers to Outdoor Dogs   The question of whether your dog should be an “indoor” or “outdoor” dog may never occur to you if you live in the city.  That question is usually reserved for cat owners (inappropriately, however, as all cats should really be “indoor cats”).  If you live on the fringes of town though or out in the country, you may have felt the temptation to let your dog “run free” outside the boundaries of your property.  Outdoor dogs are very common in some rural locations, as well as the edges of cities and towns.  Should dogs..  - Read More

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