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Adopt a Pet Instead of Buying One — It’s the right thing to do!
Many people have pets and many of them for all the wrong reasons. The most common pets are cats and dogs and while these animals can be very cute, their care is a matter of great responsibility, often much more than people really understand before they take them on. There are some 6-8 million animals handled by animal shelters in the United States every year. In Canada, a total of 143,218 pets were admitted to shelters and just over 50,000 of them were euthanized or died in the shelter. According to PETA, over 4 million dogs and cats have nowhere to go in the United States and they are euthanized on a regular basis as this is the most humane way to deal with them.

Animal shelters are overcrowded
In general, animal shelters across the world are overcrowded. People get rid of animals they don’t want in the cruelest ways possible — they either kill them at home in inhumane ways or if they are too cowardly to do that they simply kick them out onto the street or in rural areas. Urban stray dogs and cats often cause a lot of disturbances and end up in animal shelters to be euthanized, while rural stray pets can severely devastate the small wildlife such as birds and rodents and they can even transmit diseases such as rabies. Yet people still pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for purebred dogs and cats. They encourage private breeders who are often working outside of the law, when a very humane solution exists right around the corner to where most people live — adopt an animal from your local shelter!

Picking a pet from the shelter
Animals shelters actually have huge advantages if you go there to get a new pet. The main advantage is that the pet has already been spayed or neutered in most cases. Additionally, it’s likely that all the vaccines necessary have been administered and it has had a full health check and a clean bill of health ready to go. If you are looking for a pet to adopt, then seek out a reputable shelter or a rescue organization for animals. In general, adopting pets is one of the most rewarding ways to find a great companion.

They've been abandoned by those they once loved and adored. All they have now is hope. Hope that you'll walk through the door so they can love you. You can make a difference today, you can save a life. Adopt a dog from your local shelter, you won't be sorry you did.

They need you.

The video below touched our heart so much that we decided to display it on our website. We too are parents of 2 rescue dogs and they are the best thing that ever came into our lives! Maple Leash will continue to help local rescues as much as we possibly can!
If you are a rescue, please see our support program.


Calican Rescue
Saving small dogs from death row in California and bringing them back to Canada.

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